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Our Mission

It is the health of our environment that determines the health of the people and creatures that live in it and from it. Populations of many native wildlife and plants are collapsing, and the effects on human health are evident. The imperiled state of the ecosystems on which we rely is a result of a misguided mindset and culture and ultimately a misguided agriculture: Chemical agriculture focused on industrial production and the use of chemicals.

The solution is Woody Perennial Polyculture. This is happening now in cities around the world and is commonly referred to as edible food forests.

There is absolutely no need to use toxic chemicals on our food and around our homes. It requires understanding of our environment in order to manage it collectively, and in order to survive, our people will need to adopt a sustainable vision of the world. We call it Forest Vision: a view of the world where we seek to understand the patterns and our place in nature, and to promote harmony with it.

We apply our philosophy as we interact with the landscape in a way which makes our lives easier, better, and healthier through our ecological land care services.


Ecological Landcare for Suburban and Urban plots. 
For more details on services offered please read the Services page.

Roanoke, VA and Sarasota, FL

  • Custom Compost Tea Recipes Brewed for Your Site
  • Forest Vision Consultation
  • Site Design

currently only in Sarasota

  • Organic Food Forest Installation and Maintenance
  • Concrete Sculpture and Garden Structure Fabrication
  • Pervious Concrete “Stone” Flooring for Outdoor Living
  • Pond Design and Installation
  • Aquaculture Systems Design and Installation
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Soil Building – or Turning Sand Into a Fertile Living Organic Ecosystem, FLOE